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Who Are We

The notion of Guzty was conceived in the year 2018. Instigated from the urge to find a fine alternative for tasty homely cuisine, Guzty is all about home-cooked meals and local delicacies.

Each plate of our culinary delights is prepared with fresh local products, authentic recipes, and of course, love. At Guzty,we aim to foster a balanced eating pattern that will enable new-age foodies to eat fresh and the homemakers to become entrepreneurs.

Collaborating with our MBUs, we aim to foster a balanced eating pattern that will enable new-age foodies to eat fresh and the homemakers to become entrepreneurs. Motivated by the urge to provide the best of homemade food and commodities, Guzty inspires many skilled homemakers to emerge as individual revenue-generating businesses.

What Do We Do?

Remodelling Food Delivery, Dine-in, and Takeaway structures and deviating from a mere food and delivery platform’s contemporary ideas, Guzty aims to empower local businesses and products. We are here to serve your need for finding authentic local home-cooked meals no matter where you are and wherever you go.

Core Concept

Paving multiple ways to help the local economy and empowering various homemakers, we have laid strong foundations to diversify our operations not only in the arena of home-kitchens but also into various other fields like endorsing Handicrafts, Homemade chocolates, Home bakeries, Jewelleries, Homemade soaps and lotions, and more… By creating a well-knit network of home cooks and small scale business units, Guzty encourages them to generate income from their everyday household chores.

Who Are Our MBUs?

With minimal investments, we inspire those who are passionate about cooking to spare a few hours from their daily routines to build unique home-based eateries. At Guzty, we focus our undivided attention on ensuring that each meal we serve is tasty, healthy, and hygienic.


Benefits of Being a GUZTY MBU

We're always excited to engaging with MBU’s who are genuine, serious-minded, and enthusiastic about cooking. When you join us in pursuing a mission that will usher in a revolutionary dietary trend for all, you will be able to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Digital Payments
  • Accidental Insurance
  • Home-Based Business
  • Flexible Working Hours
  • GUZTY Empowerment Kit
  • Monthly Subscription Boxes
  • Social Media & Technical Support
  • Access to GUZTY Digital Platform
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Vazhiyoram by Guzty

While enjoying a beautiful ride through the long highways and roads with cave shaped trees, it is the tasty homely food that most of us crave. When it is prepared with a mothers love and affection, the taste it offers is something different. Guzty’s 'Vazhiyoram' intends to set a platform for food lovers to enjoy healthy homemade food amidst their travel adventures. Setting up a unique ambience and various leisure engagements like adventures, Guzty’s super-G flagships are selectively handpicked from over thousands of home chefs and are all about offering that visiting with a different experience.

Vayaloram by Guzty

The beauty of rich green meadows caressed by the gentle breeze is a sight to behold. Many of us love to travel through rural areas like Kuttanad and Palakkad to enjoy Kerala's natural beauty and taste the delicious local food. ‘Vayaloram’ Super-G flagships by Guzty aim to bring you the taste of Palakkad ‘sadya’, Kuttanad special hot ‘duck curry' and ‘appam’ prepared in a home kitchen. Apart from offering a unique dining experience amidst the beautiful green fields, initiated by Guzty, the flagship ‘Vayaloram’ also intends to present a set of leisure activities and events, making your day special.

Kayaloram by Guzty

Backwater tours always offer a unique experience; this trip's pleasure is enhanced when coupled with delicious food and leisure engagements. Who among us does not like to taste the delicious local delicacies while enjoying the cool breeze and entertainment activities of Kerala backwaters? Combining delicious homemade regional food with backwater activities like boating, live fishing and more 'Kayaloram' a Super-G Flagship by Guzty offer food lovers and explorers something more than just fine dining. Focusing on making each meal memorable and unique, ‘Kayaloram is designed to offer a comfortable ambience.

Puzhayoram by Guzty

Many of us have fond memories of our childhood when we played, swam and bathed in the rivers while catching fish with friends. So is the coveted taste of delicious homemade riverine dishes that dwells in the tip of our tongue. Guzty, with 'Puzhayoram' aims to bring these flavourful nostalgias back to your lives, thereby making your riverside voyages memorable and unique. By including some fun activities, sports, games and entertainments like boating, fishing, swimming and more to ‘Puzhayoram', Guzty intends to present those visiting these flagships with a once in a lifetime experience that they can cherish forever.

Kadaloram by Guzty

Our memories of playing on the beach, making mud houses and running away from the wave is always a breeze in our minds. Likewise, the taste of freshly prepared seafood is a favourite of many of us. Providing beach lovers with a chance to enjoy the tasty flavours of luscious homemade seafood and meals, the 'Kadaloram' flagship by Guzty is promoting a healthier food culture. Entertaining and engaging activities like beach volleyball, sandcastle race, mystery trenches and more are organised in the flagship, making the dining experience a remarkable and memorable one

Malayoram by Guzty

The snow-capped valleys and hills are one of the regular holiday destinations. World favourite spices are enrooted in the valleys and hill stations which forms the belt and border of Kerala. You can now make these trips even more enjoyable by visiting the 'Malayoram' flagships of Guzty that presents those visiting the hill stations with tasty regional homemade food. Dining midst of these virgin spices always gives you an authentic dining experience. Setting up activities like BBQ night, sightseeing tours and guided nature walk, Guzty has prepared for you a fun experience beyond a delicious home-made feast.

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Committed to better the world and positively impact our environment in every possible way, we orient our best practices on:

1. Empowerment of Women

2.Upliftment of Local Economies

3.Management of Carbon Emission, Energy and Water.